Does your group have large-scale fundraising dreams, but is unsure of where to start or how to plan?  Has your organization set goals repeatedly, failed to reach them, and you wished you had someone to help get it back on track?

What’s your dream?  What does your organization wish to accomplish in grand style?  Those two questions stump most people.  However, they do not stop someone on a mission or someone who knows his or her purpose in life.   Let me help you and your group put solid foundations under those dreams.  We can brainstorm together, and define a concise goal with specific plans to realize it.

For those wishing to soar professionally, do you have a strategy to reach the next level of your career?   Do you have the right people in your inner circle?   Who appears on your VIP list?  What techniques are you using to systematically (and meaningfully) connect and engage — and retain those relationships?

As with most anything in life, a coach, tour guide, instructor, mentor, teacher, or trusted advisor is needed to help take you to a place you have never been.  Having someone lead you onto the correct path and shine a light to guide your steps ensures that missteps, miscalculations, and stumbles are greatly lessened, if not eliminated.  Simply put, you will be using my expertise to work smarter, not harder.

How we can help

We offer a variety of plans to help you achieve your goals, or define and make your professional (or personal) dreams a reality.

brainstorming sessions consulting

Brainstorming Session

A 90-minute video chat. In it, we’ll discuss topics related to dreaming big, fundraising goal setting, relationship-building, etc.  This is the perfect choice for someone needing a fresh voice to help kickstart and focus.

creative ideas consulting

Creative Ideas and Techniques

A monthly video chat for a small group to learn fundraising relationship-building techniques specific to that month (including holidays, seasons, current events, etc.).   These lively calls include a three- to five-page executive summary of the instruction with turn-key strategies, and suggested vendor list. Each call will include a Q&A from participants.

upward mobility coaching

Upward Mobility Coaching
$499 - 3 sessions

Three, 60-minute video chat meetings.  These meetings will provide insights into your goals and help you navigate the path to get there.   Those who find this most helpful are those looking to change professions, rise in their current roles, or excel in a side endeavor.

executive consulting

Executive Coaching
$5,000/yr or $499/m with a year commitment

Twelve, 60-minute video chat meetings. This 12-month program will provide a comprehensive, intensive course of  Getting Started:  Major Gifts 101 showcasing proven techniques, tips, and tools needed to fully engage any constituency.  These personalized sessions ensure time is maximized and fully contoured to your unique needs.  Includes personalized copy of Getting Started:  Major Gifts 101 in keepsake leather binder.

mastermind group

Mastermind Group

A collection of goal-oriented fundraising professionals coming together bi-monthly for solution-minded approaches to the everyday (and complex) issues facing development professionals and nonprofit leadership.  Classes are limited to eight people and require current resume or professional C.V. to ensure participant match.  Minimum three-month requirement for participation, if accepted.

private consulting weekend

Weekend with Ben

An all-expense paid, two-night, three-day visit to a beachfront condo on beautiful Singer Island, Florida.   This planning weekend for individuals will refresh, renew, and help you be a better you.  Upon departing from the island, you will have a defined fundraising strategy, goals, objectives, path forward, and VIP lessons reserved for executive coaching sessions.   This weekend is for those needing (and wanting) a total paradigm shift in their professional (or personal) life.  Perfect for someone whose life has taken a sharp turn, someone recovering from a crippling life event (divorce, bankruptcy, job failure, etc.), or someone with a big idea requiring expert direction.  Includes discounted pricing on any follow-up services. Alternative Weekend with Ben: I come to your choice of location with the same one-on-one planning and strategy lessons.

Cost: $6500

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