Fundraising Philosophy

Southern Philanthropy's fundraising success can be attributed to a unique adherence to a “family” approach, engaging donors for a lifetime — not just a project.


  • Let the donor feel part of a large, extra-special giving family
  • Make the donor a part of your family
  • Fill the void that might exist within their family

Personalized strategies

  • Listen to the donors
  • Know their likes/dislikes
  • Understand why they give
  • Focus on the reasons for giving – philanthropy, immortality, taxes, etc.

Peer-to-Peer approach

  • Allow the board/volunteer leadership to be an integral part
  • Design the campaign with peers being the “front” faces
  • Peers should speak for the project

“Product” examples

  • Donors must be able to see, feel, and touch examples of the mission – those impacted
  • Put those impacted on display and involve them in every aspect of giving
  • A strategic partnership between donors, staff and those helped by your mission


fundraising Philosophy

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