Media to Recognize Potential Donors’

Fundraising 101: Use the Media to Recognize Potential Donors’ Good Works

Keeping up with the media — all forms — is vital for the fundraiser. There are a number of outlets where your potential donors might be mentioned, or might be seen on social media tied to big events. The social pages of the newspaper report on charity events frequently — and about those who attend.

Pay attention for several reasons: You’ll find out what other philanthropy your donor participates in, what other interests they have, and how involved they are in the community or regional organizations surrounding them. You’ll also find new names to add to a database of those who give and are not anonymous about it. Always take time to congratulate them, and applaud those who are doing good works. Clip articles or send small tearsheets, write a note that you saw them mentioned, and cheer them on. Surprise them with your appreciation. Alternately, when someone suffers a loss or encounters trouble, send an uplifting note that’s appropriate to the situation to let them know you are aware, and care.

Ben’s Takeaway: “Be an encourager: Make someone smile, and applaud the good. Be a comforting voice when needed.”

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