Fundraising 101: Remembering Donors at Holidays With Tasty Gifts

The following is excerpted from my book “Fundraising 101.”

Everyone sends a Christmas card or Christmas gift (or should!). Do something unique to make your remembrance stand out.


  • A gourmet cake from a quality baker such as *Brenda Starr’s Gourmet Goodies, with a note delivered on December 31 that says, “May your New Year be as sweet as this cake!”
  • Pumpkin cake or cookies delivered November 1, with a note, “I give thanks this holiday season for you and your family.”
  • Your state or regional specialty: a Virginia smoked ham, Philadelphia pretzels, See’s Fudge from California, Texas pecan pie.

Whatever you do, make sure your gifts are special, meaningful, appreciated, and enjoyed by the whole family. Do not allow your outreach to be one of many, and lumped together for regifting or given to the household staff.

Ben’s Takeaway: “The common denominator between rich and poor, old and young, and all in between is everyone eats, and almost everyone loves a tasty treat.”

*Note: I prefer Brenda’s Starr’s Gourmet Goodies as a preferred gift as they are beautifully presented, delicious and — everyone loves cake! The price point is affordable, and the cakes are always a hit.

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