Random Act of Generosity – from a Billionaire

Random Act of Generosity – from a Billionaire

Bill Koch doesn’t need lottery winnings — his last name should seal that deal. But a local newspaper reported he was standing in line for the recent MegaMillions lottery drawing for a $1.6 billion prize at a West Palm Beach convenience store. Seems he was buying the maximum number of tickets. That’s 400 – or $800 worth. He tried for 500, but there’s a 400-ticket limit. Other hopefuls had lined up behind him, and were getting restless to get their own shot at the gargantuan jackpot: everyday workers, 9-to-5ers, construction types, gardeners, and those who won’t earn $1 billion in a lifetime. So what does Koch do? Turns around with the 400 tickets, and hands them out to all those in the line. With a “Good luck – I hope you win” wish, he walks out. Dubious that many of the recipients knew who the man was. Just your average philanthropist, spreading a little good cheer – and it isn’t even Christmas.


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