Saving Lives After a Devastating Loss

Saving Lives After a Devastating Loss

The path we call life is rarely smooth and without challenges. Few of us escape this world without having faced obstacles and tragic loss – and shed buckets of tears. The ups and downs sometimes leave us asking God to make a miracle out of a mess.

Two very dear friends who have walked the depths of despair are David & Jackie Siegel. David has achieved the highest levels of American entrepreneurship as the founder of Westgate Resorts; his business acumen is something MBA students study. His wife, Jackie, is a former beauty queen – smart, beautiful, always smiling. Their realization of the American Dream has afforded David and family anything they could ever imagine.

Sadly, eight years ago, daughter Victoria died of an accidental overdose. The family was devastated. Jackie and David immediately realized they had missed some of the warning signs and knew if it could happen in their family, it could happen anywhere. Shortly thereafter, the Siegel family set out on a quest to save the lives of young people and spare parents the nightmare of losing a child. Victoria’s Voice Foundation was launched.

Fast-forward to today: The Siegels invited me to New York City to be a part of a special event raising awareness for Naloxone … the lifesaving drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose at once. The Siegels have worked tirelessly to ensure all first responders carry the medication to improve people’s chances of survival. Sadly, when first responders reached Victoria, they were not carrying Naloxone … if they had been, Victoria would still be alive today.

Life will never be the same for the Siegel family, but they will strive to ensure other parents do not face the devastating heartache of losing a child.

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