Southern Philanthropy, founded by longtime Palm Beach-area fundraiser Ben Starling, offers custom-tailored fundraising services for profit, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropists.


Our philanthropic advancement model employs a high-touch, relationship-based approach steeped in hospitality and custom-tailored to the major donor. Long-term major gift fundraising is key to any organization and is only successful when built upon a solid operational foundation.


We contracted with Southern Philanthropy because of Ben Starling's track record. Ben and his team put together an in-depth analysis of our total offerings. The finished report helped transform our organization and realize a substantial increase in additional revenue.

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The John Maxwell Team


Ben’s founding of Southern Philanthropy in 2015 was the result of a decade of calls and inquiries requesting guidance from fundraisers and philanthropists. His advice was solid, with gut-level honesty. Ben became known for his willingness to help any organization, and then send a written report with practical, actionable steps to success.

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My goal is to guide and direct you so that you and your organization will meet or exceed your goal.