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Relationship building

Relationship Building

Hallmarks of Strategic Relationship Building You’ll hear me say this again and again when it comes to asking someone for something, whether it’s money, a job, or just a favor: ...
Pitfalls of faith-based businesses

Pitfalls of Faith-based Businesses

Major Gifts 101: Avoid These Disastrous Faith-Based Pitfalls The heart of your faith-based organization is in the right place. You want to follow the teachings of your religion and apply ...
A Dozen Fundraising Tips

A Dozen Fundraising Tips: Wit Wisdom and Overlooked Common Sense

Fundraising is more art than science, and relationship building — key to raising major gift support — requires creativity. Overwhelmingly, philanthropists gravitate to organizations based on personal relationships, not because ...
Pastors, Clergy, Ministry Leaders are people, too

Pastors, Clergy, Ministry Leaders Are People, Too

Autumn brings harvests, and times of thanks for many blessings. October is set aside to thank those who minister to us — those working to lead and aid ministries. Because ...
final morehouse grads

Final Morehouse Students Gifted Loans

Changing lives — isn’t that what philanthropy is ultimately about? Billionaire Robert F. Smith did just that in June at a commencement speech at Morehouse College. To the surprise of ...
donor gifts socks

Best Donor Gifts Can Be Spontaneous – And Small

Staying in touch with donors, letting them know you’re thinking of them, is part of major gift fundraising. Anyone can send out the organizational swag, but personalizing a gift is ...
Building Trust

Building Trust Between the Donor and Organization

Building trust is simply building a relationship that is founded on honesty and sincerity as well as transparency. Small measures over time reveal whom you are, and build that trust ...
Rebuilding reputations

Rebuilding reputations when an organization is compromised

It can be troublesome when an organization is compromised in some way that taints its reputation. There is wariness from donors as well as others who are now putting the ...
beginner fundraiser’s enthusiasm

Channel – Don’t Curb – Beginner Fundraiser’s Enthusiasm

New faces with fresh ideas can be a tremendous resource and refreshing to a nonprofit’s staff of fundraisers.  Enthusiasm is a great morale booster across the board, but channeling a ...
Ask for Help Handling Administrative Baggage

Ask for Help Handling Administrative Baggage

Here’s an unfortunately common scenario: A small, reborn nonprofit has had its ups and downs made public.  The new administration is great, however, and on the right path to solid ...

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