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Can Your Organization Afford Not To Hire A Professional Fundraiser?

There is a lot of competition out there for fundraising dollars. Is your team up to the task? Do you need an experienced guide to take your fundraising skills to the next level? Southern Philanthropy can help. Our proven approach:

  • employs a personal, relationship-based approach steeped in hospitality
  • focuses on the major donor

Long-term major gift fundraising is key to any organization and is only successful when built upon a solid operational foundation.

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We contracted with Southern Philanthropy because of Ben Starling's track record. Ben and his team put together an in-depth analysis of our total offerings. The finished report helped transform our organization and realize a substantial increase in additional revenue.

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Successful Fundraising Starts With Building Relationships

Getting Started: Major Gifts 101

An A-Z guide teaching you how to raise major charitable money for your organization.   The manual showcases practical approaches that challenge you to work smarter, not harder.  Sample documents, cut-and-paste text, and “how-to” guides make this a perpetual point of reference for any fundraising professional.

Chapter highlights include:  How to Build Your List, Hallmarks of Remarkable Fundraisers, Advisory Boards, Proposals, Sample Correspondence, Strategic Touch, and many more.

Unlike other manuals that offer “pie-in-the-sky” visions of fundraising, this manual is practical, user-friendly, and written for the development professional who takes great pride in their work and performs with initiative.


Ben founded Southern Philanthropy in 2015 after a decade of calls and inquiries from fundraisers and philanthropists requesting guidance. His solid, gut-level honesty produced traceable results. Ben is known for his willingness to help any organization, and follow up with a written report sharing his practical, actionable steps to success. Mission sentence at bottom: “My mission is to guide you and your organization toward meeting—or even exceeding—your fundraising goals.”

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